Young Athlete Returns to the Field After Hip Injection


Patient: Anthony Basciano

Anthony Basciano has played sports since a young age, and now being a collegiate athlete and working out every day, his hip could not handle the pain anymore.

“My hip would give me trouble [when] sleeping or walking,” says Basciano. “I found out I had a torn labrum in my left hip. In search of some answers I found Kelly Scollon-Grieve, M.D.. She explained I was a candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy as well as the treatment and steps that had to be taken before, during, and after the procedure. Hearing about how quickly your body could accept the treatment was amazing to me. As a team they made me feel comfortable and excited to finally fix the problem that has been bothering me for the last five years.”

Basciano’s procedure went well, and he was impressed with the Premier staff’s care and attentiveness.

“They were so friendly and made sure I knew exactly how the treatment was going to go before it began and what I would experience after, says Basciano. “Dr. Scollon-Grieve showed me the exact tear on the ultrasound as well as where she was going to put the PRP. She and her assistant helped me stay calm, collected, and comfortable while the shot went in. I was so excited that only six days after it, I was able to walk around and live my everyday lifestyle.”

Next for Basciano was a return to the gym.

“I was able to get right back into the gym,” he says. “We were able to set up stretches and physical therapy for me to ease my way back into running. Two weeks after following their steps and stretching, I was able to run a mile with no pain and no stopping. This procedure did not slow me down, it helped me become stronger and have more energy than before. My hips feel great and just six weeks after the PRP treatment, I was able to be back on a baseball field, playing at full speed. I was amazed at how well everything went, and I cannot thank Dr. Scollon-Grieve and her staff enough. I am beyond happy that I can now live my everyday life pain-free, as well as workout hard, play baseball, and run as much as I want. The entire Premier staff made my experience amazing and I am forever so thankful for them!”

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