Premier Orthopaedics Boasts Most “Top Docs” in Orthopaedics

A record-breaking 61 Premier Orthopaedics physicians were named to Main Line Today magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors list. Every year, physicians are asked to nominate peers who they believe are the best, most trusted doctors in the region.We are proud to note that more...

Premier Orthopaedics Named Official Orthopaedic Provider of the Continental Football Club

Jun 18, 2016

The partnership is a natural fit for both Premier Orthopaedics and Continental Football Club (CFC). The creation of this partnership will provide a way for members of CFC to receive priority treatments and assessments for injuries suffered during play.

With thousands of players participating in the CFC soccer programs, this unique program means that any injured CFC player can get the immediate treatment they need. In addition to treating injuries, Premier physicians will also provide education to CFC members, coaches and staff regarding concussions, injury prevention, and proper nutrition.

Through this partnership, the goal is two-fold. For injured players, Premier wants to help CFC with the treatment to stabilize a significant injury and then ensure that the player get the next level of care as quickly as possible. The second goal is to provide education to the CFC coaches, players and parents on nutrition, training, and injury-prevention techniques that lessen the chance of an injury occurring.

Formed in 2000, Premier Orthopaedics — with over 60 area physicians and over 40 office locations — represents Chester and Delaware County’s largest orthopaedic group. We offer the most complete orthopaedic care options, which means from your first visit, through your consultation, therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, we will be able to guide you through every step of your treatment.

About the Continental Football Club

The vision of Continental FC is to create a nationally recognized, community centered, youth soccer club that addresses all levels of soccer. Our mission is to maximize the development of every soccer player consistent with their commitment.