Premier Orthopaedics Boasts Most “Top Docs” in Orthopaedics

A record-breaking 61 Premier Orthopaedics physicians were named to Main Line Today magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors list. Every year, physicians are asked to nominate peers who they believe are the best, most trusted doctors in the region.We are proud to note that more...

Premier Congratulates Our 2018 Top Docs as Voted By Philadelphia Magazine

Dec 17, 2018

Once again we’re proud to congratulate all the Premier doctors who have been voted as a “Top Doctor” for 2018 by Main Line Today Magazine. We’re grateful for the care and compassion that our doctors provide, and the difference they make in our patients’ lives!

Keenan Aksu, M.D.

Evan Bash, M.D.

John Benner, M.D

Michael Birns, M.D.

Robert Cabry, M.D.

Louis Ciliberti, D.P.M.

Keli Donnelly, D.O.

Jonathan Garino, M.D.

Frank Giammattei, M.D.

Christopher Hood, D.P.M.

Paul Hornstein, M.D.

Robert Huxter, M.D.

Jack Kazanjian, D.O.

Jennifer Kwan-Morely, M.D.

Eric Lake, D.O.

Richard Levenberg, M.D.

James McGlynn, M.D.

Todd Michener, M.D.

Jason Miller, D.P.M.

Spencer Monaco, D.P.M.

Stephanie Morris, D.O.

Charles Odgers, M.D.

Andrew Old, M.D.

David Raab, D.O.

Scott Ritterman, M.D

Robert Ruggiero, Jr., M.D.

Robert Ruggiero, Sr., M.D.

Kelly Scollon-Grieve, M.D.

Cheston Simmons, M.D.

Mark Tantorski, M.D.

Adrienne Towsen, M.D.

Dean Trevlyn, M.D.

Kevin Walsh, M.D.

Raymond Wolfe, M.D.

Eric Zabat, M.D.

Richard Ziegler, M.D.