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Treatment Methods for Complex Fractures

Jul 27, 2015

A complex fracture is when the bone is broken into many pieces and the surrounding tissue and cartilage is also damaged as a result. This can cause joint dislocation and loss of bone fragments. Complex fractures are complicated and are completely different from one patient to the next. That’s why it’s important to the professionals at Premier Orthopaedics to provide a specialized treatment plan for each patient. Because complex fractures are very painful and difficult to recover from, it’s crucial that the treatment plan is carefully designed and well thought out. Learn more about treatment methods for complex fractures and what you can expect if you or a loved one is dealing with this injury.


Some people are more at risk to experience complex fractures than others, including athletes, aging adults and women the age 60 and over. At Premier Orthopaedics, there is a team of five doctors who specialize in complex fractures. There arephysicians who have worked with sports teams, Olympics athletes and dance companies so they’re well versed in treating athletes and they understand the importance of a speedy recovery. The team is also very experienced in working with the elderly.


When dealing with a complex fracture, there can be damage to multiple bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. Because there are usually several different areas of damage at once, treatment and rehabilitation is intensive.


A complex fracture involves multiple bone fragments being broken off, in addition to torn ligaments and tendons, so your surgeon will typically utilize screws and pins to keep everything in place. The surgeon will correct the complex fracture in various different ways depending on where the injury occurred on the body.


After the injury has healed, rehabilitation is necessary to regain motion in the area. Based
on the severity of the injury and where it’s located, your physician will develop a personalized rehabilitation program. This program will include gentle stretches, various exercises and other physical therapy methods to help the muscles gain flexibility and build up strength. If you believe you’ve suffered a complex fracture, go to the emergency room immediately or visit Premier’s Orthopaedic Urgent Care Center. At this center, physicians will perform physical examinations and imaging tests, such as an MRI, in order to quickly and accurately diagnose your condition. Once you’re properly diagnosed, the physician can begin to treat you properly. At Premier Orthopaedics, quality patient care comes first, that’s why physicians stay with you from diagnosis to full recovery. This will ensure that the appropriate steps are carried out along the way and you’ll be back to normal as soon as possible.

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