Shoulder Replacement Surgery Changed This Patient’s Life


Patient: Fred Pluckhorn

In 2018, Fred Pluckhorn decided it was time to consider shoulder replacement surgery after enduring years of pain and restricted mobility. He had previously undergone knee replacement surgery with great success so, Pluckhorn felt replacing his shoulder was a reasonable solution to his problem.

After speaking with his primary care physician, Pluckhorn was referred to visit Premier orthopaedic surgeon Kelly Murray, M.D. He and his wife met with Dr. Murray and were both impressed with not only her surgical expertise but also her bedside manner. “She was easy to talk to and impressed us with how she handled herself. We immediately trusted her,” says Pluckhorn.

“Fred was an excellent candidate for shoulder replacement surgery because he had advanced arthritis in both shoulders, which was causing him pain and limited range of motion. He had managed the pain for some time with intermittent cortisone injections, but those eventually stopped providing relief,” says Dr. Murray. Patients should consider shoulder replacement surgery when the shoulder has run its life and they struggle to complete daily activities.

Replacing a shoulder restores a patient’s range of motion and sleep schedule without pain. After surgery, patients can return to all of their activities without limitations. However, Dr. Murray explains, “The only restriction after surgery is to avoid heavy lifting. Once healed, patients can return to their hobbies – like golf, swimming, or basketball. Ultimately, shoulder replacement surgery helps patients get their lives back, pain-free.”

Pluckhorn’s shoulder replacement surgery with Dr. Murray went exceedingly well. So, much so that he chose Dr. Murray to perform his second shoulder replacement a year later. “My follow-up meetings with Dr. Murray have not only been productive but enjoyable too,” states Pluckhorn.

It has been three years since his initial shoulder replacement surgery, and Pluckhorn can perform his daily activities and hobbies without pain. He has been happy with the results, explaining, “I am satisfied with the whole experience and have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Murray in the process.”