Patient Gets Her Life Back After Spine Surgery at Premier


Patient: Sheila Holst

I started physical therapy for pain and tingling in my arm and fingers in August 2019. Physical therapy helped, and after a few weeks I was able to stop going and continue with the exercises I learned on my own. Unfortunately, the pain and tingling returned and intensified in November 2019, so I went to see a spine specialist with Premier Orthopedics. This physician indicated that I had spinal compression and sent me for an MRI, and upon review of the results, he suggested I consult with Dr. Kenan Aksu – a surgeon! – as soon as possible.

This was completely unexpected, and I was concerned that surgery might be my only option to alleviate the constant pain and tingling I was experiencing. During my initial consult with Dr. Aksu and his Physician Assistant Brian Perry, they reviewed the MRI with me, discussed what was happening with the spinal compression in my neck, and very simply explained the surgical procedure that would “fix” me. They took time to answer my many questions, and it was clear to me that Dr. Aksu had performed this procedure many times before, which really helped me get comfortable with surgery as a solution.

The next step was to schedule the procedure, and Dr. Aksu’s team absolutely went the extra mile to fit my surgery in as soon as possible. They knew I was in constant pain and discomfort and did their very best to get me scheduled before Christmas. Marie Lopez was particularly helpful interacting with the insurance company for my required precertification, as well as answering every one of my questions.

I could not be happier with the results of my surgery – the pain and tingling in my arm was gone immediately. I trusted Dr. Aksu and his post-surgery process to get well again, and my recovery has been much easier than I expected. I am working out at the gym, walking my dogs, working full time, and I have my energy back. I would recommend Dr. Aksu without hesitation.

Sheila Holst
Bryn Mawr, PA