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Stay Safe and Injury-Free This Holiday Season

Dec 9, 2021

By Charles Hummer, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon at Premier

The holidays are here! Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day comes plenty of extra hustle-and-bustle, along with the winter elements of cold, snow, and ice. The combination of more people doing more things in a colder climate, all in a hurry, can be a perfect recipe for an unfortunate holiday injury. This holiday season, be extra cautious to avoid the bite of injury bug with these simple tips:

Be afraid of heights, or at least, extra careful! Whether it’s removing snow off the roof or hanging holiday decorations, folks find themselves in some high places with greater frequency during the holiday season. Be sure to take care leaning out of windows, standing on roofs, and using ladders. The cold and ice can sabotage your footing and cause a nasty slip or fall. Fractures, concussions, and ligament tears are just some of the injuries caused by a fall from height. Be sure to have steady footing and handgrip when up high.

Ice and snow have been causing people to slip and fall since the beginning of time. We all have either done it or know someone who has gone down hard. Make sure you can see your terrain when moving in the ice and snow, especially at night. Proper footwear and posture are key as well. Be sure to avoid uneven surfaces, such as curbs, and when, possible exterior steps. Also, black ice can cause lots of damage to a speeding automobile. Whether on foot, bike, or car, slow down.

Premier Orthopaedics wants the people in the communities we serve to enjoy the holidays surrounded by family and friends, not suffering a sudden holiday injury. Hopefully, these short but vital tips keep you and your loved ones safe this season.

Dr. Hummer sees patients in our Glen Mills, Media, and Wilmington offices. To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 610-876-0347.