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Running shoes have found a new home on the Catwalk – are trends driving us to stay in shape?

Mar 7, 2016

The saying goes that “spring brings new beginnings.” This spring, the world of fashion is departing from its usual mindset and running towards something else. Designers from Gucci to Alexander Wang have debuted the “updated” tennis shoe, sparking a new love of comfort. The question on everyone’s minds: why suffer in heels when you can wear sneakers and turn even more heads?

The love of sneakers is more than just following the trend forecast this season. Celebrities have premiered fashionable workout gear, with accompanying sneakers to match. The Kardashians are known to regularly SnapChat their coveted separate “workout closets,” reserved only for workout clothing. Beyoncé has released a workout line, Ivy Park, including bold leotards and sexy cutouts. Kanye West has even taken a successful crack at the fashion world, introducing his elite brand of “Yeezy Boost” running shoes. This is fashion in a way we have never known. For once, beauty isn’t pain, and we love it.

This is not the first time that someone in the music industry has designed a pair of sneakers, but this time the sneakers are different. With these sneakers, you truly can wear them to the gym, in the gym, and out to dinner after the gym without any compromise. This is inspiring motivation to change in other ways. Yes, you no longer need to bring a change of clothes, but you also no longer have an excuse to take a cab because of your stilettos. And with such cute sneakers, who wouldn’t want to show them off as much as possible? An active lifestyle is possible and encouraged in a way it has never been before.

Cause for speculation – what is triggering active wear and athletic shoes to translate to everyday? In a time when the greater public feels as though they have a mile long to-do list every morning, they might be looking to simplify. Why bother with the torment of high heels at all when you can wear something comfortable throughout the entire day? Studies have shown that women who regularly wear heels have an increase in nerve damage, as well as the development of bunions at a young age. Another study, done by the American Osteopathic Association, suggests that, “high heels have been linked to overworked or injured leg muscles, osteoarthritis of the knee, plantar fasciitis and low back pain.” So really, what’s the point?

The group of self-proclaimed, “Sneakerheads” are no longer a subculture. Fashionistas everywhere are filling their closets with favored laced-up and rubber clad – a drastic juxtaposition to the bejeweled, statement-making heels that once covered their shelves. What a time to be alive. And, chances are, our feet will thank us in the long run.