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Physical Therapy and Daily Exercise for Sports and Spine Injuries

Mar 3, 2015

If you’re dealing with a painful sports or spine injury, consider treating the injury with physical therapy and daily exercise. These methods use your own body to perform stretches and repetitive motions in order to reduce pain.

If physical therapy is right for you, your doctor will customize a schedule for you to follow for a few weeks. In general, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends about 150 minutes of exercise each week which averages out to only 22 minutes per day for health and well being.

Talk to your doctor about beginning physical therapy or a daily exercise regimen to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Keep reading to learn more.

Gaining Strength and Building Muscle

During your physical therapy sessions and daily exercise, you will be working on various muscles in your body to make them stronger. This will allow you to strengthen the surrounding muscles that support spine or sports injury. For example, strengthening the core is often helpful in reducing back pain. Stretching the hamstring is also very beneficial for patients dealing with a spine injury because this stretch alleviates pain in the lower back.

Increasing Flexibility

The stretching and repetitive exercises that go along with physical therapy promote flexibility to alleviate pain and also help you perform activities with greater ease. This is a crucial element of regaining your full range of motion and using your body to its full capability once again.


In addition to reducing the pain you’re currently experiencing from your sports or spine injury, physical therapy and daily exercise will also help to prevent these same issues from occurring in the future. From strengthening muscles to increasing flexibility, exercise and physical therapy will help improve your health overall and make you less susceptible to injury.


Below are some moderate-intensity exercises that will raise your heart rate and work your muscles without putting a lot of stress or impact on the body.

Cycling is a great aerobic exercise but it’s also very gentle on the spine, especially when you’re on a stationary bike. There are many spin classes available if you’re interested in an activity that is easy on your injuries but also provides a great workout.

Swimming is a low-impact, aerobic conditioning exercise that will work your muscles without putting stress on your body. The water helps support the body and lessens the impact on your injuries.

Physical therapy and daily exercise are necessary to help your body recover from injury, build muscle, and be healthier overall. Be sure to take these tips into consideration when trying to find relief from any sports or spine injuries.

If you’re dealing with a severe sports or spine injury and non-surgical methods have been ineffective in relieving your pain, it may be time to consider surgery. To learn more, download our e-book, The Patient’s Manual to Spine and Back Surgery. This educational guide will answer your questions and help explain whether or not you would be a good candidate for any of the surgical options discussed.