Premier Orthopaedics Boasts Most “Top Docs” in Orthopaedics

A record-breaking 61 Premier Orthopaedics physicians were named to Main Line Today magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors list. Every year, physicians are asked to nominate peers who they believe are the best, most trusted doctors in the region.We are proud to note that more...

Premier Team Presents at the 2018 Orthopaedic Forum Conference

Feb 22, 2018

Chip Hummer, M.D. and Jonathan Berridge, A.T.C. recently presented at this year’s Orthopaedic Forum National Meeting in Orlando, FL. Their lecture, titled “From the Sidelines to the Clinic: Collaboration Among Orthopaedic Surgeons and Athletic Trainers in Clinical Orthopaedic Practice”, gave insight to how their Care Team at the Orthopaedic Associates Practice division is committed to the integrated approach of orthopaedic surgeons and athletic trainers caring for our patients together.

The OrthoForum is a national organization for specialty physicians from some of the largest privately owned orthopaedic practices in the United States. They believe, first and foremost, their top priority is to protect each orthopaedic practice’s ability to remain independent while providing the best possible care for all patients. They are combatting the unique challenges that are hindering patient care and businesses in today’s healthcare environment by defending independent practices and providing patients with the best medical treatments needed. The organization as a whole, as well as members individually, engages politically to protect independent orthopaedic groups.

OrthoForum thrives to be the nation’s top authority for orthopaedic management. Not only are they dedicated to helping all their member practices fight industry challenges, but lead in quality care for all patients.