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Advancement of Orthopaedic Joint Restoration: CyborGel™ GelPlug Synthetic Cartilage Implants

Aug 30, 2017

Dr. Kevin Mansmann, a graduate of the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Program coupled with a Fellowship in Total Joint Replacements, has identified a treatment gap for end stage arthritis. Dr. Mansmann an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Premier Orthopaedics in Malvern and U.S Ski Team Physician for fifteen years, specializes in Arthroscopic & Total Joint Replacement surgery.

Dr. Mansmann has been researching minimally invasive total joint replacement and “Arthroscopic Joint Resurfacing”.  The use of CyborGel™ as a synthetic cartilage represents a potential Arthroscopic solution to treat arthritis end stage joint damage that reproduces the microanatomy of hyaline joint cartilage and the anchor duplicates the structure of bone, for secure bone fixation, healing and union. In these innovative minimally invasive “Arthroscopic Surgeries”, the CyborGelTM implants are engineered to “resurface” the damaged cartilage gliding surfaces.

Testing is currently underway for a meeting with the FDA to review these promising results in early 2018.  Dr. Mansmann states “CyborGel™ implants have revolutionary and transformative potential as a less invasive “pre-total joint replacement”, clinical treatment option, that utilizes instrumentation for arthroscopic installation, to minimize pain and optimize a speedy recovery.  “The clinical application being end stage arthritis joint damage, before bone deformity, earlier in the disease process, thereby, reducing the need for total joint replacement surgery”.

Dr. Mansmann is the Founder and Director of the Arthroscopy Research Institute and the AJR Foundation. Joining Premier Orthopaedics in 2015, Dr. Mansmann brings with him the most innovative and advanced technologies in both surgical and non-surgical care, in addition to the classical techniques.

Kevin Mansmann, M.D.