Recognizing the Signs of Tendonitis and How to Treat it

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tendonitis causes more than 70,000 people to miss work per year. This is just one of many reasons why it is important to understand the symptoms of tendonitis so that you can avoid not only the pain but the inconvenience it...

What are Non-Surgical Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc

The spine consists of 26 bones called vertebrae and between them are cushion-like pads called “intervertebral discs”. The discs serve as shock absorbers for the vertebrae and help provide stability to the spine. When one of these intervertebral discs loses its normal...

Happy Halloween from Premier Orthopaedics!

Oct 14, 2016

It brings no surprise that the spookiest night of the year comes with extra things to look out for. Premier Orthopaedics wants to wish you a Happy Halloween with some useful safety tips to make sure the night is as fun (and carefree!) as it could possibly be.

We cannot wait to see what kinds of costumes turn up this year, but we also like to make sure that all costumes are properly fitted and are as safe as possible. Make sure that the costume isn’t too baggy while out and about for trick or treating to prevent any injuries. The last thing we want is for a trip and fall to ruin any part of the night. It’s already getting darker earlier, so try to make the costumes light in color or add reflective tape or stickers. Masks can obstruct vision and shift with movement while making the trek from house to house, so we highly recommend non-toxic face paint as a safer alternative.

Children under 12 really should be trick or treating with a parent or guardian. But no matter your age, stick to well-lit areas. This might be a good opportunity to review emergency numbers and what to do in case of an injury. While out and about, we recommend putting electronic devices away and staying alert! Always walk on sidewalks when available and cross streets using crosswalks, only after looking both ways. If a crosswalk isn’t available, go to the nearest corner and wait until the cars are finished passing. Watch for cars turning or backing up and never dart out onto streets or cross between parked cars, no matter how much of a candy jag you have going.

If you are out running errands, remember that dusk is the most difficult time for driving visibility. Trick or treating traditionally starts between the hours of 5:30 and 9:30 so it might be a good idea to turn headlights on a bit earlier than usual. We’re sure you already know this, but make sure to keep distractions to a minimum – pull over if you need to return a text or make a phone call, and have a passenger tune the radio. Excited kids can move in an unpredictable way (especially when on a mission involving candy) and this sometimes includes darting out unexpectedly – always be prepared.

Although this might sound like a lot to remember, the important thing is to make sure you have fun. With these safety tips, there’s no reason you can’t collect the most candy, carve the best pumpkin, and bob for the most apples. Happy Halloween from the team at Premier!