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Getting the Star Treatment

Apr 11, 2016

Pop culture is evolving into somewhat of a phenomenon. Social media has provided us with an opportunity to track our idol’s every move, with Periscope offering a live feed of day-to-day activities, combined with Instagram and Twitter covered with celebrity updates all day, every day. We are all left scratching our heads, wondering why we feel the need to watch Gigi Hadid pick out what to wear, but alas.

With all of our favorite “It Girls” pairing up with beloved athletes, sports stars are given the opportunity to expand their “brand,” while also solidifying their celeb status. Couples like Giselle and Tom Brady represent the epitome of the “American Dream” – a beautiful, Brazilian model teaming up with the ultimate American football star has become many American’s idea of true success. And the documentation is there for all to covet.

Now that fans are able to closely follow the star lifestyle, they find inspiration in their clothing, their activities, and what else? – beauty and medical treatments. Log into Instagram and immediately see promoted teeth whitening kits, offers for discounted lip fillers, detox tea discounts, workout plans, plastic surgery treatments, tanning treatments, and… orthopaedic surgery?

The average athlete has an expected career length of about 3.5 to 5 years. The career usually includes countless injuries, and with many of these injuries comes the need for surgery. A professional athlete receives the best care that money can buy, so naturally, the surgeon has to fit the bill. Celebs like Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints have all succumbed to the professional athlete lifestyle and have, in turn, needed some sort of surgery in order to get back on the field.

Cue Dr. James Andrews, coined The Athlete’s Surgeon by his many famous patients – Dr. Andrews has become the go-to for professional athlete’s orthopaedic injuries, and his impressive patient history would raise any eyebrow. Dr. James Andrews has become somewhat of a celebrity himself. Professional athletes have created the hash tag, #DrJamesAndrews, in their posts detailing their recovery process. Dr. Andrews has been praised for his quick recovery time, his attention to detail, as well as his kind bedside manner.

Fans have adoringly given shout outs for “saving” their favorite athletes, coaches have praised him for his confidence and accuracy of what to expect after during recovery, and his many patients credit him to resurrecting their precarious careers – adding some extra time to their ticking clock, some might say. Now, we may not all be able to foot the bill for the orthopaedic star treatment with Dr. Andrews, but who knew that one day an orthopaedic surgeon would be a status symbol; Hermès Birkin bag? Check. Fenty Puma slides? Check. Orthopaedic surgeon to the stars? Check! Times, they are a changin’.

Dr. James Andrews: Orthopaedic surgeon to the stars