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Best Places to Bike Ride

May 1, 2015

Biking is a great form of exercise because it works many muscles in your body, and many people enjoy doing it. The best part is you can find numerous bike trails throughout Chester County and the surrounding area. And now that the warm weather months are upon us, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors for some bike riding.

If you’re interested in biking for a strenuous but enjoyable workout, learn more about the many places in the area where you can hit the trail.

Ridley Creek State Park’s Multi-Use Trail is located at 351 Gradyville Road in Newton Square, Delaware County. Beginning at the intersection of Barren Road and Chapel Hill Road, this trail is paved, flat, and has a 15 mph speed limit. It’s perfect for families looking to ride together. And at a length of 4.6 miles, you’re sure to get a great workout.

In Montgomery County, the Perkiomen Trail is perfect for bike-riding enthusiasts interested in taking a day-long ride. At 19 miles, you can ride for as long as you’d like.

Most of the trail is about 10 feet wide with cinder or stone aggregate surfaces. The trail follows the Perkiomen Creek, connecting Lower Perkiomen Valley Park, Central Perkiomen Valley Park, and Green Lane Park, so you’re in for some terrific views of open fields, hillsides, and watering hole trailheads.

You can find Valley Forge State Parkin Montgomery County at 1400 North Outer Line Drive in King of Prussia. Most of the trails are paved and flat for an easy, enjoyable biking experience. With over 20 miles of biking trails, this park is the perfect place for you and your workout partner to visit for the day. On top of it, Valley Forge is a historic site, as it was the location of the Continental Army’s winter encampment in 1777-78 during the Revolutionary War.

If you’re looking for an exciting bike path with a variety of scenery, take a trip to theDelaware Canal Towpath. This gravel bike trail is over 60 miles long and extends from Bucks County, PA, into New Jersey. There are 11 different loop lengths, so you can switch up your route each time you go for some variety. There’s also plenty of parking for your convenience. The loop trail connection bridges can be found in the towns of Uhlerstown, Lumberville, Center Bridge, Washington Crossing, and Morrisville.

Pennypack Park, located at 8500 Pine Road in Philadelphia, is perfect for every type of biker, from beginners to experts. There are single tracks, double tracks, paved roads, and dirt roads, so you can choose your preference. With over 9 miles of paved and unpaved trails, you’ll be able to explore Pennypack Park for an exciting adventure and an even better workout.

So if you’re looking to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air, grab your helmet and bike and head to one of these outstanding nearby trails.

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