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5 Ways to Add Exercise to Your Black Friday Shopping

Nov 20, 2015

Shopping is the perfect excuse to burn some calories, and Black Friday shopping is an even better excuse for moving quickly throughout the stores and malls. Keep reading to learn the top five ways for you to add exercise to your Black Friday shopping.

     1.Add something heavy to your cart.

While you’ll probably be loading your cart up with tons of low-priced items from Black Friday deals, it still may not be heavy enough to burn a substantial amount of calories. Whether you need a cart or not, grab one as soon as you get to your destination and put one of the heaviest items you can find in it. Maneuvering a heavy cart through the aisles while you shop will work your core as well as your arms, and you’re still able to focus on the task at hand – finding great deals!

     2.Park your car far away from the stores.

You’ll be getting plenty of cardio in during your long day of shopping, but the key is to get as much as possible. Park in a lot that is far away from the stores so you’re walking a good distance to reach the door. With the many people that will be flooding the stores and malls, parking away may even make the day a little easier. Just make sure you have the proper outerwear and hats, scarves and gloves to bundle up. It can be cold and windy until you reach the door.


     3.Take the stairs.

It may be habit just to jump on the escalator or elevator to get to a different floor when you’re shopping, especially when you’re trying to get to different stores quickly. But taking the stairs will get your heartrate up and work your leg muscles as well as your core.

     4.Keep track of your steps.

If you’ve invested in a step tracker, this is the perfect opportunity to use it. If you go shopping with friends or family, make it a competition to see who can take the most steps during the day. By adding a competitive edge, you’ll be motivated to walk more in an effort to win and you’ll look for more opportunities to take more steps. If you don’t have a step tracker but you’ve been wanting one, Black Friday is the perfect time to look for one.

     5.Listen to music.

When shopping solo, you may adopt a slower pace. Popping in earbuds and listening to an upbeat song will improve your mood and make you move faster. It can even help you to get in the zone and get that holiday shopping done in record breaking time. It can also motivate you to keep your activity intense and burn more calories.

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