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10 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You

Oct 15, 2019

October is National Physical Therapy Month! In honor of National PT Month, here are 10 ways physical therapy can help you.


1. PT can alleviate your pain

By now, most have figured out that physical therapy can help relieve pain. Physical therapists evaluate your body, then create a plan to improve your function and reduce your pain.


2. PT can get you back into sports

Americans love sports. From football to competitive racing, we love competing and seeing what we can do. Training and performance often lead to injuries, which can be helped by a PT. It’s not just about getting you pain-free, but about getting you strong and agile enough to avoid future injuries.


3. PT can get rid of your headaches

Ever get headaches? Physical therapists can help to reduce your headaches through use of specific exercise and hands-on treatments. Many headaches are caused by stiffness in the joints and muscles of the upper cervical spine. By stretching tight muscles and strengthening the deep stabilizers of your neck, you can get serious relief from those pesky headaches.


4. PT can improve your balance

As we age, falling becomes a greater risk. Falling can be a serious detriment to the health of older individuals, often leading to long-lasting disability or death. PT can help your loved ones improve their balance to reduce their risk of falling. PTs use balance and strength training to allow older Americans to navigate their environments without fear.


5. PT can get you stronger

Life throws us many challenges. From carrying grocery bags to moving beds, physical strength is required on a daily basis. When our strength begins to diminish, PT can help. Utilizing resistance exercise, functional training, and compound movements, PTs can make your life easier.


6. PT can be a good time

Alright, this is not necessarily a way PT can help you. But if you are at the right PT clinic, you will have fun while getting better in the process. PTs love their job and want to have a good time doing it. At the end of your care, you should feel like you’ve made a few friends along the way.


7. PT can get rid of your vertigo

Dizziness and vertigo can severely impair us. If you have ever had a bout of BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), you know how miserable life can be without a functional vestibular system. PTs can cure BPPV using specific movements to your head to realign structures within your inner ear, allowing you to stand upright without feeling like you are falling over!


8. PT can make you more flexible

Can you touch your toes? If not, you should see a physical therapist. Flexibility can be limited due to a number of factors, from tight muscles to stiff joints. PT should be able to get you touching your toes in no time.


9. PT can improve your posture

Did your mother ever tell you to stand up straighter? If she is still telling you that, you should probably see a physical therapist. PTs can quantify how bad your posture is and the structures that are causing it, then give you a plan to fix it and feel better than ever. You won’t have to work hard to keep your shoulders back and head up.


10. PT can make your work space better

If you are like the average American, you work about 40 hours a week. You need that environment to work for you. If you constantly have to slouch forward or turn your head uncomfortably, a PT may be able to help. PTs will perform an ergonomic assessment to find ways to improve your work space, so you do not experience pain the future!


If you are feeling like your physical health could improve, stop by a PT to see what we can do. You might just have a good time along the way!


Chris Donohue, PT, DPT, CSCS

Premier Orthopaedics


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